Sunday, July 26, 2009

RB Zach Fisher

148 carries, 1338 yards, 9.0 ypg, and 12 TD's. You would think these type of stats would get you a little attention in the recruiting world, especially if you are playing against the likes of Atlantic, Ft. Pierce Westwood, Vero Beach, Palm Bay, and St. Thomas, right? Well, 2010 RB Zach Fisher from South Fork High School (Stuart, FL) is NOT EVEN LISTED on the two main recruiting services. After a junior campaign where he had 300 yards and 2 TD against his three playoff opponents (Palm Bay, Atlantic, STA), Fisher is still searching for some collegiate love.

To truly enjoy this film, take a look at the teams on the tape. Instead of making these runs against sub par opponents, Fisher is doing this against some of the best teams in the state of Florida. Some may question his speed, but if he is running away from players on Atlantic and Fort Pierce Westwood, should it really be in question?

I'm pretty sure the first thing that anybody will notice about this film is Fisher's vision. I've studied a lot of RB's in preparation for these columns, and Fisher BY FAR, has some of the best vision in the state. A lot of RB's like to 'cut back' for flash and flare, but when Fisher makes the cut, it seems like he always has a purpose. He utilizes his unique vision of the field by supplementing cutbacks to enhance his game. If you keep the tape rolling, its actually quite fun to watch him make runs.

While some may believe his size (5'9 180) is too small to play RB at the next level, he might also have a chance to play in the secondary. The few clips he has playing CB are pretty impressive. The field vision he utilizes while toting the rock helps him see the field and break on balls with a precision not usually seen at the high school level. I truly think he has the chance to play RB at the Division 1 level, but if he doesn't get that chance, he might also have a shot to play in the secondary. What do you think? When I first watched the film with a couple of guys who help me with this site they were skeptical. "Man, he's slow." I simply went to look up his teams schedule last year and ID'd some of the teams on film. You can't argue that he did what he did against some of the best teams in the state. Let's keep this kid on our radar and see what he does in his senior year. He could be a steal for a lot of teams across the country.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

RB Savon Seward

30 carries for 278 yards and 3 TD
3 catches for 148 yards and 2 TD
33 touches for 426 yards and 5 TD

Seems like a pretty good year for some high school players, right?. Guess what? 2010 RB Savon Seward of Cypress Lake High School did this is ONE GAME last year against Estero High School. I know, I know, Estero went 0 for-whatever last year and gave up 500 points on defense, but still. That's unreal. Seward finished 2008 with 178 carries for 1431 yards and 16 TD. Couple that with 29 grabs for 707 yards, and you have got yourself a monster year that totals 2138 yards and 22 TD. If any of you guys play high school fantasy football, this might be a guy to look at. Have you seen that ESPN commercial? "Championship!"

As I flipped on the film, what else can you say but WOW. How the hell is this kid not being recruited? Honestly, he's only 5'7 175? Fine with me. I don't care if he's 4'1, this kid can flat out tote the rock. He is listed as running a 4.45 40 on Scout, and from watching the first 3 plays of his film, how can you dispute that? He outruns everyone every time he sees the slightest bit of daylight. As his video progresses he shows more signs of being a decent cut-back runner, but for the most part he is a down hill, north and south type of running back. The only question that may linger is his ability to break tackles. He is down on first contact a few times.

You also have to love the kids hands. When he is in the slot running a go route, running the wheel, or simply flaring out of the backfield, not only does he always create separation, but he catches the ball with ease. You can tell from his 707 yards in reception yardage that he has no problem reeling it in and making a play.

Honestly, I am pretty high on this kid. Especially in the NCAA, we have seen that you can be an effective D1 RB under 6' tall. Tell me what you guys think. I have a comments link under my articles which is rarely used. You don't even have to sign in! Post under anonymous and tell me what you guys think. I think he plays at the next level EASILY. His speed and running ability translate to big plays on Saturday. Who agrees?

This was the only video I could find on the kid, and it has explicit rap lyrics. If you are under the age of 18, please get parental consent before viewing. Also, you might just want to put it on mute regardless if you are under age.

Friday, July 24, 2009

QB Marshyl Rothman

If you look in a dictionary under people who should be on this website, Marshyl Rothman is the first person listed, I promise. As a Palm Beach County native, I feel for this kid. He does everything right, performs at a high level, yet is still fairly unknown in the grand scheme of things. Here's the thing: I haven't really had the opportunity to see him play as much as I would like to, as I am usually watching my secondary get toasted for the fourth time while he is tossing a game winning TD pass. However, every time I have seen him play live, I leave the stadium wondering why he isn't a hot commodity in the recruiting world. Just take a look at this.

"As a junior, Rothman led Jupiter Christian to their second straight State Championship and was named First Team All-State. He is now 27-1 as a varsity starter. Rothman threw for over 1500 yards while completing 67% of his passes with 25 touchdowns. He added over 800 yards on the ground and another 9 scores. He boasts an impressive 3.97 shuttle time." (c/o

Well...I guess the only thing left is to watch the film. What do you guys think? Scout has him listed at 5'10 174. Can he play at a legit D1 college with this kind of size? From what I can see on film, not only can he make the throws, but he has active feat and knows the game. Take a look at some of his touchdown runs. His lineman are sprinting 30, 40 yards to throw him up in the air. Subtle things like this tell you he is a warrior on the field, and well respected by all of his teammates. Currently, he holds a single offer from Georgia Southern. That's it. Put it like this, the numbers don't lie. His schedule is going to be a bit tougher this year, so that could be a true test of his ability, but honestly, he has a chance to win three straight State Championships with pretty damn good stats. As one of my college coaches once said, "Give him a look!"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

QB Ryan Williams

Ladies and Gentlemen, hailing from the depths of South Florida, our next prospect is Miramar's Ryan Williams. Obviously, the first thing that jumped out at me was his size. I'm not even talking about on paper- take a look at his film. It's pretty alarming how big he is. He towers over everybody on the field and is every bit of the 6'4 that he is listed at.

Throughout the film, the one thing that really impressed me was the consistency of his mechanics. This day and age, not many QB's at the high school level have these skills in their arsenal, but Williams shows how hard he has worked to master the QB position. His drops are crisp and precise, leaving no question about his work ethic. I'm not sure if its because of his number, but he reminds me a lot of Drew Weatherford, Florida State's old QB.Aside from his mechanics, you also have to love this kids arm. There is no doubt about it, Williams makes all the throws. When he has to take a little off, he does. When he has to drill a slant route, he does. I really think his arm translates to the next level. I'm not sure you can convince me otherwise.

Finally, for a big guy, he has some decent wheels. When he has to get out of the pocket he does a fairly decent job. He can make throws on the run, and for the most part, he does a damn good job. I have no idea why he is only a 1 star on Scout, and not even ranked on Rivals. I see that he went to American Heritage (Plantation) last year, and is headed to Miramar this year. Hopefully playing on a bigger stage will help him showcase his talent, because it is there. Let me know what you think, is this kid getting the bad end of the deal by the major recruiting sites?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

QB Chuckie Rooney

As Victor Sweet said in Four Brothers, "Damn! I like the way you do bidnesss!" In all of my columns, I am going to try and search for the unknown players who truly 'handle their business'. We all know of the Jeff Luc's, The Matt Elam's, and The LaMarcus Joyner's of the world. Here, you are going to get some damn good football players, who are, for some reason or another, rated as a 1 star players by the major recruiting services. Just wait and see...these kids are going to end up being the best players in the class of 2010. In the end, how do you want to evaluate a player? By stars, or by true evaluation? Let's do the latter.

For the purpose of sanity, I am going to go down the road here in sequential order, starting with QB. Not gonna' lie, QB isn't the most heralded position in Florida this year. No doubt there are a couple interesting prospects, but no one really jumps out at me. HOWEVER, after a little research, take a look at Chuckie Looney from North Marion High School in Citrus, FL. First of all, Chuckie? Is their a better name in high school football?! At first when I was looking through some kids, I passed him up because of his measurements. 5'10 154 is stick and bones type skinny, but when I took a look at his film I came to the following conclusion: If the kid can make all the throws, why should he be punished for something he can't control (his size)? Not only does he play against quality competition (i.e. Nease, Gainesville, etc.), at a combine he ran a 4.63 40. Couple that with his arm (which from what I can see is certainly above average), I think he is a steal for a small D1, maybe even a mid-major. Check out the film and tell me what you think. Am I off base?