Sunday, July 26, 2009

RB Zach Fisher

148 carries, 1338 yards, 9.0 ypg, and 12 TD's. You would think these type of stats would get you a little attention in the recruiting world, especially if you are playing against the likes of Atlantic, Ft. Pierce Westwood, Vero Beach, Palm Bay, and St. Thomas, right? Well, 2010 RB Zach Fisher from South Fork High School (Stuart, FL) is NOT EVEN LISTED on the two main recruiting services. After a junior campaign where he had 300 yards and 2 TD against his three playoff opponents (Palm Bay, Atlantic, STA), Fisher is still searching for some collegiate love.

To truly enjoy this film, take a look at the teams on the tape. Instead of making these runs against sub par opponents, Fisher is doing this against some of the best teams in the state of Florida. Some may question his speed, but if he is running away from players on Atlantic and Fort Pierce Westwood, should it really be in question?

I'm pretty sure the first thing that anybody will notice about this film is Fisher's vision. I've studied a lot of RB's in preparation for these columns, and Fisher BY FAR, has some of the best vision in the state. A lot of RB's like to 'cut back' for flash and flare, but when Fisher makes the cut, it seems like he always has a purpose. He utilizes his unique vision of the field by supplementing cutbacks to enhance his game. If you keep the tape rolling, its actually quite fun to watch him make runs.

While some may believe his size (5'9 180) is too small to play RB at the next level, he might also have a chance to play in the secondary. The few clips he has playing CB are pretty impressive. The field vision he utilizes while toting the rock helps him see the field and break on balls with a precision not usually seen at the high school level. I truly think he has the chance to play RB at the Division 1 level, but if he doesn't get that chance, he might also have a shot to play in the secondary. What do you think? When I first watched the film with a couple of guys who help me with this site they were skeptical. "Man, he's slow." I simply went to look up his teams schedule last year and ID'd some of the teams on film. You can't argue that he did what he did against some of the best teams in the state. Let's keep this kid on our radar and see what he does in his senior year. He could be a steal for a lot of teams across the country.


  1. I went to South Fork last year, this kid is completely unbelievable. He definetely has D1 skills. He's ridiculously fast and is able to cut up the field. As said in the blog, this isn't against any cupcake teams, its St. Thomas, Atlantic (twice), Vero Beach, and Fort Pierce Westwood. Kid has skill.

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